Hello, Voximal !

The virtual agent by phone


Call your Voximal, it speaks to you and understands your voice to dialog with you. It can also propose you more conventional menus using the keys on your phone. It answers the phone for you, to give you access to information, to collect datas or qualify, filter, transfer calls.

Easy to install : in your environment with a self-installing package, or in the cloud using the images available from many suppliers.

Modular: It’s ready for small installations to treat a few calls, and obviously, redundant configurations with many concurrent calls.

Programmable: It uses the standard VoiceXML or AIML programing languages. It can connect to your Chatbot to give it a phone call access.

It’s easy !

The Voximal solution is available as a free evaluation version. Take advantage of this offer to learn and create your services with VoiceXML language, or simply connect it to your Chatbot (watson, api.ai, pandorabot, davi, clustaar, …).

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<vxml version="2.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/vxml" >
  <form id=”hello”>
      <prompt> Hello Voximal ! </prompt>   

1Voximal is easy to install on a cloud server of your choice, a hosted server or a dedicated local server. Many virtual images or an auto installable package makes this simple  . It can also completed an Asterisk installation or FreePBX too.

You need to connect your Voximal to the telephone network with a VoIP account available from many operators. Meanwhile, you can use our shared phone numbers to access to your Voximal using an PIN access code (get it from your web administration interface).

You need then to configure or develop your call processing application using the VoiceXML standard language. A VoiceXML / PHP code editor is integrated and a lot of examples are provided. For natural language using, you need to connect your Voximal to your Chatbot. By this way you can have a phone call access. A lot of script are available in our GitHub.

Access phone numbers


France : +33(0)9 72 53 88 23

US : +1 929 999 4988


Try our demos

To tests ours demos, call a acces number and enter the PIN : 1234 

Choice [1] : Parrot : service that repeats all you say.
Choice [2] : Translator : translation service  (EN->ES et ES->EN).
Choice [3] : Ligth : service that controls a ligth color blub (lien).
Choice [4] : Voximal : vistual assistant, Ask him what he do…

Focused on your needs

Answer to questions :
FAQ, product information, help in choosing…

Your customers probably have questions about your products, their terms of use, possible options, indecision to select them … You can use Voximal to give information about your products or to suggest product suggestions based on this that they want.

Call routing and call filtering :
Set call priority, route to the rigth person, automatic processing…

The Natural Language for call routing allows customers to express the reason for their calls in a completely free way, without having to navigate into complex menus. Once qualified, it is up to you to decide the best answer to give: transfer to an agent, use automatic processing, take a message or an appointment …

Real dialog :
Virtial Assistant, Virtual Agent or Personal Assistant at phone.

The Assistant is available 24/7 to answer your calls. It uses natural language dialogue through an artificial intelligence engine (NLU / Chatbot). The Virtual Agent disengages your Call Center. Give him a mission and train him.

Cloud or On Premise ?

Images Cloud for an external hosting

Choose your cloud infrastructure provider (Microsoft, Amazon, OVH, FreePBX …). In the PlaceMarket you will find an image with our product.

Visit our Wiki site for more information.

Packages to install it in your office

Dedicate a Linux server in your infrastructure, and install our package. Complete your integrations or Asterisk / FreePBX based installations with our Voximal module.

Visit our Wiki site for more information.


Voximal is a standardized voice server with extended functionality: built-in speech synthesis, speech recognition, natural language, call campaign generator, call recording, conferencing, video, and more…

  • Linux / Asterisk 1.6 à 14
  • VoiceXML V2.1 (extra features)
  • AIML V2.0 (Program-O, PandoraBot, …)
  • AI (API.ai, Davi.ai, …)
  • TextToSpeech (MRCP & Cloud)
  • AutomaticSpeechRecognition (MRCP & Cloud)
  • SpeechToText (MRCP & Cloud)
  • GUI Module for FreePBX

Voximal understands and answers you. To structure his dialogue, he must link your requests to a natural language system. It can use the AIML language but can also use remote engines (Chatbot / AI).

Integrated Chatbots

The AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) is a XML language dedicated to managing a conversation/dialog.

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<aiml version="2.0">
    <template>Hello Voximal !</template>

Voximal can change its voice and language, thanks to the synthesized voice. You choose to use remote resources over the Internet or a local one. They can be free of charge, or commercial with a better quality.

Integrated On-premise Synthesis Voices (MRCP/HTTP)

Voximal also supports speech recognition. You can talk to him naturally without using the keys on your phone. This allows you to create phone services in natural language, making it easier to interact with users. No more menus “to … press 1”, but use “Say … for …” or simply ask “How can I help you?”.

Cloud Speech Recognition ou SpeechToText

Local Speech Recognition installation

Voximal is connected to the telecom network via the Internet using Voice over IP (VoIP) accounts. In some cases, one connection per ISDN, H323 or SS7 connection is also possible using the Asterisk modules integrated in the solution.

Voip Providers

  • OVH
  • MasVoz
  • VozTelecom
  • Ippi
  • AppliWave
  • Linux OS, 32/364 bit, Centos 6/5 and Debian 6/7 (Raspbian pour Raspberry PI).
  • Solution running over an Asterisk.
  • The Web GUI used is FreePBX, LAMP/FreePBX (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
  • VoiceXML 2.1 compliant.
  • AIML 2.0 (and others ChatBot langages/framworks)
  • SIP / H323 / ISDN / SS7 / RTMP / USB GSM dongle / signaling protocols.
  • Audio file formats supported : Wav (16bits/PCM, 8kHz), Gsm, Raw (G711 alaw/ulaw).
  • Support DTMF.
  • Voice Synthesis / TTS with connectors HTTP / MRCP.
  • Voice Recognition / ASR / STT with connectors HTTP / MRCP.
  • Automatic Dialer integrated.
  • Extended features : calls recordings, conference, callback…


Here is the list of available integrations. We also work on tunned solutions, incorporating features or modules on demand.

To help you through the process of installation, configuration and use. The packages also allow to update your server installation (on installations make from the packages or Cloud Images).


Voximal integrated solution

Linux i386, x64 and armhf

Centos 6/7
Debian 8 / Ubuntu 14.04
Raspbian 8


Lastest installers
FreePBX 12 • Asterisk 13 • Voximal 14


Voximal package for OEM

Linux i386, x64 and armhf

Centos 6/7
Debian 8 / Ubuntu 14.04
Raspbian 8


Lastest tarball
Asterisk 11/13/15 • Voximal 14


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