version V15.0 LTS

The extended VoiceXML interpreter
for your Asterisk

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The VoiceXML browser for Asterisk

Voximal is an up-to-date and innovative piece of software. It runs over the Asterisk free and open source framework.
It adds a capability to extend and manage the Asterisk solution from the VoiceXML standard language.

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use cases
Build your voice applications

Make, receive, and monitor automated calls on your platform based on the Asterisk.
Make your telephony solution to provide a powerful and highly scalable system.

Programmable Calls

Programmable Calls
your Asterisk

Control your calls with the standard VoiceXML syntax. Voximal lets you make, manage and route calls simply.

Add to your Asterisk a VoiceXML interpreter. Use the standard VoiceXML language and web framework to create IVR portals and complex voice telephony services. Voximal is compatible with most Asterisk release and Linux distributions.

Powerful IVR

Powerful IVR
Replace you old
IVR systems

Voximal extend the standard with powerful features.
Voice transcription, TTS cached, dialer, asterisk commands and contexts, objects…

Make your own cloud IVR system. Replace you old and expensive physical IVR systems by a Cloud or OnPremise Linux/Asterisk/Voximal 100% software application. Voximal is full complain VoiceXML V2.1 (with extra extensions).

Callbots Voicebots

CallBots / VoiceBots
Create Callbots or Virtual Agents

Callbots are the mixing between a chatbot and a IVR.
Voximal allows to make voice/phone assistants using chatbots and NLP integrations.

Voximal is a powerful main component to create Callbots. Callbots are Virtual Assistants that answer to phone calls with natural language. Use TextToSpeech, SpeechToTech and Chatbot/NLU resources throw Voximal to bring your own.

A simple VoiceXML example

Exemple VoiceXML


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Voximal offers a 1 port free unlimited trial license

Voximal allows you to use the best
voice and speech resources.

Buy, subscribe or pay as you go.
Choose the best business integration model.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content

Use prerecorded audio files, or the most advanced Text To Speech technologies to speak to the callers.

Voxygen, Nuance, Watson, Acapela, Microsoft, Polly, Google TTS…

Voice Interaction

Voice interaction

Use DTMF, speech recognition or speech to text allows to catch user intents.

Nuance, LumenVox, Verbio, PocketSphinx, Google Speech, Microsoft, Watson…



Create your service using Web Server platforms. Connect to your API with standard protocols.

HTTP/XML, HTTP/Json, RPC, WebSocket…

Voximal is a standard VoiceXML interpreter

VoiceXML is a XML standard markup language used to create voice applications.
It supports the standard VoiceXML V2.1, extendend features, on premise or in the cloud ready, Web interface…

OS Distribution

OS distributions

Centos / Redhat

Asterisk Releases

Asterisk releases

Asterisk 1.4 to 18,
or any appliance

Images & Packages

Images and Packages

Use the «ready to go» cloud images, or download to install in few minutes your platform



Use FreePBX or Isaabel with the Voximal module integrated in the GUI interface to manage the configuration (parameters, VoiceXML editor, monitoring, logging…)

Voip Telephony

VoIP telephony

Asterik supports nativly SIP, H323, WebRTC, ISDN Boards, IAX2… connect your PBX/CTI is easy



Extend your Voximal with optional addons like:
MRCP connector (uniMRCP), Dialer, Vonference, VoxiMonitor…

They are using Voximal.

Leading companies worldwide trust Voximal.

They develop voice applications over Voximal

Integrator, service providers, telecom solution providers… they drive technology for leading brands.
Get the best from your Voximal unified communications system integrators.


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Voximal offers a 1 port free trial license